MESA / AM Council - Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia

The Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia was formed in 1992 out of the National Panel (1982) and National Committee (1988) on Maintenance Engineering, within the Engineers Australia . From the early 1980s MESA has grown rapidly to its present membership of about 1300 members.

In 2005, the National Council of MESA recognised that for MESA to grow into a more effective organisation, a number of changes needed to take place. These included a change in focus to incorporate asset management together with a changed name, the Asset Management Council, and a national Secretariat.

To recognise Asset Management and Maintenance Engineering as an engineering discipline of repute and to enable enterprise competitiveness.

Our Mission

The Mission of MESA/AM Council is to promote and advance all facets of the science and practice of reliability and maintenance engineering and the engineering management of assets, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related thereto. Members subscribe to the IEAust Code of Ethics.

Our Objectives

For reliability, asset and maintenance engineering:

  • To enhance the character, status and interests of the discipline and those who practice therein,
  • To represent the science and practice of the discipline through community and kindred organisation links,
  • To lead and foster a coop-erative strategic enterprise approach to the discipline,
  • To engender and promote world class excellence in the discipline,
  • To provide best practice information, knowledge, skills and capabilities, and
  • To recognise and reward achievement.